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I have been practicing Bikram Yoga (the original hot yoga) for over 15 years and learned early on that I needed quality products to support my yoga practice. I was a big Yogitoes/Manduka towel advocate for many years. This changed when I discovered Ufit towels. As a hot yoga studio owner, I only sell products in our studio that I can stand behind 150%. Ufit towels approached us over a year ago to try their product. I initially put them off but then decided to give them a try. I told the representative that I would personally practice on one of their towels for 6 months and if I thought it could withstand daily practices and washing then I would consider adding it to our inventory. Ok, so I only last 3 months before I was calling to place our initial order. The product was that good that we decided to phase out all other hot yoga towels in our studio. In my opinion, the Ufit towel is the best towel on the market for hot yoga classes. The material is high quality, super absorbent, and the towel doesn’t move around on the yoga mat! I can wash the towel separately and it dries in the dryer in under 15 minutes. This is a huge plus for us as we are constantly washing towels. We rent Ufit towels for classes and inevitably the student will turn around a buy a towel after their first experience! If you are looking for a high quality towel that will last the test of time then Ufit towels are for you. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

Amy Clement, Studio Owner Bikram Yoga Lake Norman